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A visual guide of two centuries.
The   goal   of   the   Bicycle   Museum   is   to   display   collections   of antique    and    classic    bicycles    as    well    as    exhibiting    cycle related   memorabilia.   The   Museum   will   cover   the   spectrum of   cycling   by   beginning   at   its   infancy   in   the   mid-1850's   and chronicling   its   evolution   through   to   the   most   sophisticated of today. Throughout    this    journey,    the    Museum    will    provide    an informative   and   educational   glimpse   of   how   the   bicycle   and cycling    has    influenced    our    transportation,    our    leisure activities,   our   culture,   our   society,   our   lives   -   and   how,   by using   the   developing   technologies   of   each   era,   the   bicycle has progressed in our ever-changing world. The   history   book   of   the   bicycle   is   a   fascinating   story.   It   is the   desire   of   this   Museum   to   bring   the   pages   of   that   book   to life. Come visit our interesting space and revive your memories. Please donate.
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