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Photographed by Board Member/Volunteer, Sara

Schoenfield in an impromptu shoot.

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Dahon Classic III Pierce circa 1890 Churchill circa 1950s Schwinn Cruiser circa 1970s Colson Tandem Circa 1930s Hop Hybrid Origin Phantsy circa 80 or 90s Mercian Tandem circa 1970s TA cranks, Mafac brakes and Huret gears were typical on tandems of the time. The rack box did not catch on with riders and is rare to see one in mint condition.
Mercian Tandem
Austro Daimler
Cannondale USA
JC Higgins
Colin Laing
Speedwell Titanium
Eddy Merckx
Raleigh 1904
Schwinn Breeze
Schwinn World
Western Flyer
Premier American
Unknown Brand
Austro Daimler circa 1974 more details
Rocket 1930s Kid’s Bike
Cannondale USA SM1000 first rear suspension bike
Ritchey Note: long chainstay of the early bicycles. four chain ring cranksets under bb brake. Cliff Boones bike.
Styer Styer Clubman
JC Higgins circa 1950s Note: Sears and Roebuck house- brand
Colin Laing English frame builder migrated to America, American Build. circa late 1970s
Speedwell Titalite Speedwell Gear & Case 1972-77 manufacture. First use of titanium for bicycles
Puegeot 1882-1970s more details
Kestrel TR 500
Eddy Merckx circa 1984
Raleigh England CA 1904
Schwinn Breeze USA Chicago 1895-2001 (Schwinn Family ownership era)
Schwinn World USA Chicago 1895-2001 (Schwinn Family ownership era)
Mantis A custom build by Boones
Western Flyer
Premier American circa 1910
Unknown Brand Original Dunlop tires, wooden rims, circa 1890
Romic circa 1980 Custom built for Joe and Ruby Blatch by Ray Gasriowski, Romic Cycles, Houston.
Specialized Epic
Specialized Specialized Epic
Mercian King of Mercia
Mercian King of Mercia
Red Schwinn Paramount
Red Schwinn Paramount circa ca 1970s
Bianchi Centenario 1985 more details
Raleigh International
Raleigh International mid 1970s
Jack Taylor
Jack Taylor circa 1973
Mercian circa 1970s Custom built for Don Ford for Houston Bicycle Club rides and touring, utilizing the rare triple Campagnolo crankset.
Mercian Full 531 frameset with campagnolo dropouts.
Teledyne Titan Teledyne Linar manufacture 1973- 1976. 1st American production titanium frame.
Trialtir circa 1990-92
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