The place to hang your old bike.
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Houston Bicycle Museum

1313 Binz St. Houston, Tx 77004, USA telephone: 713-459-4669 email: web:


Houston, Texas, USA 1313 Binz St. Houston, Tx 77004 USA Google Map There are many ways to take part in the great things that are happening at the city's newest museum. Don't hesitate to ask or find out more about volunteer opportunities and supporting membership!

Museum Hours

Tues-Wed           10 - 5 Thur, Fri, Sat      10 - 6 Sun                     1 - 5 Monday               closed Free Thurs          3-6


Adults                                  $9.00 1st Saturday Market Day       $5.00 Children, 10y and Under       Free.
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The Museum is in transition. A new location is in the works!