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Magical Museum Bike Tour 2019 Sept/Oct Magical Museum Tour 2019! to be announced. “Wolters Park - Schulenburg, TX” The   "Magical   Museum   Bike   Tour"   is   a   fundraiser   and   social   ride   for   the   Houston Bicycle   Museum   starting   and   finishing   in   Schulenburg, Texas.   It   features   rides   of different   lengths   on   low   traffic   country   roads   and   will   also   provide   you   with   a chance   to   visit   the   famous   “painted   churches”   of   Fayette   County.   Each   of   the routes   will   cross   a   piano-wire   truss   bridge   erected   in   1885   (that’s   131   years ago). Also,   there   will   be   a   historian   on   site   at   the   Saint   Cyril   Methodius   Catholic Church    in    Dubina    to    provide    historical    context    for    your    enjoyment    and education. See for yourself how beautiful these churches are: https://texashillcountry.com/historic-painted-churches In   the   spirit   of   the   growing   movement   of   vintage   bike   riding,   we   encourage   you to   participate   as   a   vintage   rider   of   any   era.      Bring   your   vintage   machine   and dress   the   part   as   well,   as   there   will   be   a   prize   given   to   the   rider   in   the   most authentic attire.  (Helmets are still required.) Here is a good overview of vintage cycling: w - bike-ride-in-pictures Registration    begins    at    7:00    am    and    complimentary    refreshments    will    be available at the start, and during the ride.  The ride will begin at 8:00 am. After   the   ride,   tour   the   local   wineries   for   tastings   then   visit   the   Stanzel   Model Aircraft Museum  and the Texas Polka Music Museum . Go   early   and   spend   the   night   enjoying   the   little   town   with   its   historical   Czech flavor.   An   area   map   will   be   available   for   those   of   you   who   want   to   stay   over and   explore   the   roads   of   Fayette   County   on   Sunday.   The   roads   in   the   area   are all lightly traveled.  Rides to other destinations would be “on-your-own". Come   join   us   in   2019   for   a   great   ride   for   a   good   cause,   the   funding   for   the Houston Bicycle Museum! Join us, Register now  Please donate.
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