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Two Centuries ago the Velocipede changed the world.
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The bicycle , a 19th century milestone invention, is a story to preserve by chronicling the bicycle evolution of the 1800s to the most sophisticated of today and showing ways its use gave mobility to prior generations to expand their knowledge of distant places. Now a century later we are flying and a scant half century later we are exploring space.

Houston Bicycle Museum opened in 2015 next door to the Holocaust Museum and had a great run thru 2019, when it had to vacate for Holocaust Museum expansion. Although it was successful, it did not reach a financial position to move forward into a leased commercial space. Sadly, the artifacts were placed in storage.

The Houston Bicycle Museum was not an effort that could be supported by a few volunteers, however with the support of the community it can thrive again

Joy Boone , Founder

Meetings are being held to form a working community group to develop a roadmap to re-energize the Houston Bicycle Museum and help direct its future

The museum is structured as a 501c3 charitable organization. Board seats are open for leadership opportunities to engage community volunteers to create a roadmap to reopen the museum. This could be a great community effort you can put your stamp on.

An email list for this community engagement conversation is being established - please RSVP so your contact is included in this group email. Your thoughts and ideas are welcomed - in person, or if you are not able to attend - via email or telephone. 

Houston Bicycle Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit recognized by the U.S. IRS. Houston Bicyce Museum
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